Woollens from Yan Tyan Tethera

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Care Instructions

To keep your woollens looking good hand-washing is advised. Instructions accompany each garment, but in case these have gone "by the wayside" here they are again:

  • use luke warm water with a liquid detergent (such as Stergene)
  • Allow the garment to soak as the water cools
  • rinse in cool water and towel or spin dry
  • shake out and re-shape allowing the garment to dry flat
  • do not rub and be sure that water is lukewarm .
  • Dry away from heat.


darning kit

In case of mishaps or rigorous wear, we include darning yarn with every garment




how to cast on using the thumb method    


Knitting Methods


We take great care in our hand-knitted woollens, in particular


  • we cast on using a single needle and thumb, this gives an edge that is neat, stretchy and resilient. Select the image opposite to see instructions on how to cast on using the thumb method.


  • Laced-sewn seams "give" evenly as the wearer moves. Select the image opposite to see how this is achieved.


  • Child's Ganseys are knitted using the circular method and therefore have no stitched seams whatsoever.


  • Quality Yarns that have body, allow stretch and keep their shape.


  • Shoulders, front & back are cast off together - so again no sewn seams.






  how to make flat seams in knitting