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Pure Honey and Beeswax

Skin Tonic, Honey Balm, Face Cream and Lip Balm from classic recipes using pure ingredients from hives in the Golden Valley, Herefordshire. Beeswax and Honey, known for their healing and soothing properties form the basis of these recipes which moisturise, refresh, protect and gently soothe your skin and lips.

Face Cream contains simply three ingredients - beeswax, almond oil and spring water.This is a cream which can be used anywhere to hydrate, protect and heal.

Lip Balms are made with beeswax, almond oil and castor oil. Choose from original, with added geranium oil, or with tea-tree oil.

Honey Balm, the most complex mixture for YTT is nonetheless simple by mainstream standards, contains pure honey, glycerine, rose water, alcohol and lemon juice.

A refreshing Skin Tonic of witch hazel and rose water, completes the group of classic recipes made with pure ingredients.

Face Cream £3.95

Lip Balm, original, geranium or tea tree £2.95

Honey Balm £7.50

Skin Tonic £4.95




  beeswax candles

Rolled Beeswax Candles

Rolled sheets of beeswax that burn with a steady flame. Candles are approximately 2.5cm diameter and either 14cm or 22cm tall. Naturally self-coloured beeswax (expect variation).





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