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Wools from Hebridean, Shetland, Balwen, Portland, Blue-faced Leicester, Wensleydale, Manx Loghtan and Welsh Mountain flocks are chosen for warmth, lustre, colour, fibre length, strength and softness. All of our woollens are hand-knitted on needles. YanTT offer made-to -measure garments and knitting kits. Please allow our knitters 8 weeks for delivery - eg., order early summer for the autumn.

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knitting pattern for child's gansey

garthenor organic pure wools


children's gansey knit kit


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Child's Gansey

Jumpers to pass down the generations, these children's ganseys are warm and practical. If you are a knitter choose YTTs Gansey Knit Kit. If not, order a gansey knitted by our experienced hand-knitters.

Our Ganseys are made using Garthenor Organic Pure Wool from traditional rare breed sheep. Shetland, Manx/Black Welsh Twist, Balwen, Llanwenog, Manx Loughtan, Hebridean or Wensleydale are pictured here. Ganseys are made using a circular knitting method throughout and therefore have no seams. If treated reasonably, they will last generations - literally. Wash and store in a plastic bag over warm months to keep moths at bay.

Gansey Knitting Pattern

For knitters, we have carefully recorded the knitting pattern for our Yan Tyan Tethera Child's Gansey. The pattern is easy to read with all the details that you need for this enjoyable knitting project. The gansey makes a lovely, personal present for any child. Eight A4 pages to use again and again. Printed on recycled paper.

Child's Gansey Knitting Pattern £ 4.95Made to Measure Child's Gansey (see size guide) £75


Children's Gansey Knitting Kits

If you enjoy knitting yourself, these kits have everything you need to make a lovely gift for young ones. Click on the kit image to see wool options. The carefully written pattern includes hints and tips from our experienced knitters.

DIY knit kit includes 250grams wool, pattern and two sets (4mm & 3.25mm) of bamboo needle (a set is five double-ended needles - enabling circular knitting) £55 - or £45 without needles.




Organic Cotton Rollnecks

Our Child's Ganseys are especially cosy and comfortable worn with a cotton rollneck underlayer - as pictured on the left of this page. At present we are unable to recommend a source and are searching for a supplier of cotton rollnecks - watch this space!

Shetland Child's Gansey


welsh twist gansey







balwen child's gansey







manx llanwenog gansey







manx loughtan gansey


Hedridean manx loghtan child's gansey







childs cream gansey mohair





mans gansey

Traditional Gansey

If you are fascinated by stitch textures and patterns, this is the jumper for you. The crab claw stitch is a particular favourite. This is a heavy, hardwearing jumper that always looks special. The double knit Border Leicester or Shetland fibres resist going into bobbles and the garment looks magnificent for decades - this we KNOW, because we have worn them for thirty years - the same jumper.....

Availabe in Grey, Charcoal, Navy and see colour samples at foot of page. One off colours crop up regularly at the market - visit to check full range.

Made to Measure (see size guide) £170

gansey colour samples

peat, storm grey, french grey and navy are currently available.


cream gansey-style

Tulip Stitch Jumper

A similar shape to a gansey, with a straight body, moss stitch cuffs and stand-up collar. Tulip-stitched in the body and arms. Opposite shown in Blue-faced Leicester yarn. Most of our ganseys and heavy-weight jumpers are suitable for men and women, this has been particularly popular with local choir members!

Made to Measure (see size guide) £ 180

skeins of pure wool

  lace knit waistcoat with pearl buttons

Lace Knit Waistcoat

A delicate design with handmade pearl buttons, and fine lapel collar leading around and into the neck. This is perfect for summer over a silk or sheer blouse. Other colours are available.

Made to Measure (see size guide) £75

pearl buttons

tailored fine knit
lace knit woollen lace knitted jumper  

Fine Lace Knitwear

Fine Lace Knits with shaping to the waist (far left). Decorative stitches on the yoke and sleeves draw from styles of the 40's and 50's - so graceful, understated and shapely. These are lightweight, surprisingly warm spring/autumn jumpers in 100% finest 4-ply wool. Far left, knitted using eyelet and rib stitch, above middle and right use Mrs B's stitch - developed by one of our team of hand-knitters. To see full colour range, click here.

Handknitted from £65, (see size guide)

mohair cobweb scarf mohair cobweb scarf silver pearl muffler


Mohair Cobweb Mufflers

Mohair is a surprising yarn - with long, soft and wispy fibres that are comfortable and cosy next to the skin. So called "cobweb" mufflers are a useful addition to the winter wardrobe and add a touch of glamour on cold days. Coral, Ultramarine or Dove are knitted using either Bead Diamond: Falling Leaf: Cats Paw or Eyelid stitches, taken from patterns used in traditional Shetland Shawls.


Approximately 40-46" long (depending on pattern) by 9-10 " wide


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