Woollens from Yan Tyan Tethera


Your Vital Statistics

There are FIVE statistics that are vital to us when we make either for a Man or Woman. These essential measurements can be taken in either inches or centimetres

1. Chest or Bust

2. Waist

3. Hips

4. Underarm to Wrist bone

5. Back Length - from where you want your jumper to start (ie. where we cast on, in the case of knitwear) up to the nape of your neck.


sizing guide


Surprise Statistics?

Sometimes it is nice to commission a woollen as a surprise for a friend or family member and getting their statistics would "blow the whistle".

No Problem. Just take a the measurements of a favourite jumper in a similar style and give these BUT please tell us this is how you acquired them so that we don't add any fullness!